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Dyeing with plants

Monday, den 22. August 2011

First I repeated the tomato dyeing. This time I used fresh plants. My tomato plants didn’t mind the cut. The result got better than last time, but wasn’t that good, that it’s worth repeating it: The colour of the sunflower dyeing is very similar: The third dyeing attempt was with brasilwood and fustic. I used […]

Henna Dyeing

Wednesday, den 22. June 2011

The powder was green, the result should have been orange-brown, that’s what my book said. And that’s what I got: I’m not very happy with the result. I’ll put it in the box labeled “please overdye”. Luckily I still have some logwood. Logwood is quite intense and overdyes almost anything.


Tuesday, den 24. May 2011

To dye with Brazilwood (Caesalpinia echinata) was also very interesting. From the first attempt I got  a nice red. Like fustic, I couldn’t reuse the dyeing. I tried to, but the red got quite pale. I’m not happy with the colour.   I bought the brazilwood/Rotholz from the  Wollknoll Onlineshop.


Saturday, den 21. May 2011

Dyeing with logwood (Haematoxylum campechianum) was exciting. This wood can be used many times. I reused the dyeing four times. The first dyeing became a deep purple. The next two attempts got a little bit lighter. The fourth time I tryed to overdye two of my fustic-hanks to get a nice green. They finally became […]


Thursday, den 19. May 2011

It was interesting to dye with fustic (Maclura tinctoria). I never dyed with wood so far. It got the fustic (Gelbholz in german) from the Wollknoll Onlineshop. I put it into water and let it soak overnight. The next morning I cooked it about an hour. Dyed the yarn for an hour, too. I finally […]

Coffee Dyeing

Monday, den 16. May 2011

I took the coffee at a ratio 4 to 1 (coffee/wool), that was a lot more than recommended in my books. But the result is still quite pale: I won’t try that again. Coffee seems to be more useful as a fertilizer for my pot plants than for dyeing. I am not very happy with […]

Onion Peel Dyeing – The Result

Tuesday, den 10. May 2011

I was pretty amazed about the result. I never thought, that 62 g onion peels can dye such strong colours. The first attempt: The 2 hanks above are the pale dandelion hanks and the hank at the bottom was natural white. There is hardly any difference between them. The second attempt got lighter, but there […]

Onion Peel Dyeing

Friday, den 6. May 2011

I could hardly believe it, but it’s true: this amount of onion peels has only a weight of 62 g. I was collecting them for months … For a good result you should use them at a ratio of 2 to 1 (onion peels/wool) and  I simply don’t have enough. So I’m just overdyeing some […]

Easter Dyeing

Saturday, den 16. April 2011

I love dyeing easter eggs! This time I tried to reuse the dye – for yarn. I read in a few blogs and on ravelry, that this can work – it didn’t. The eggs got nice colours – my fingers, too. Only the yarn turned out to be quite stubborn. So I took my Ashford […]

The Result (Stinging Nettle Dyeing)

Thursday, den 14. April 2011

Got a nice deep yellow with the stinging nettles: I won’t do any plant dyeing for the next weeks. My plants for dyeing still have to grow on my balcony and I am still collecting coffee, tea and onion peels. I think I will use my Ashford and Luvotex Dyes now.  

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