Nice Little Things

29. August 2013

Sometimes there are days, you need something little positive to cheer up yourself.

Small handmade items or recipes are perfect for such days:

  1. Vintage Spool Note
  2. Hang Tag Notebooks
  3. Button Bracelet
  4. Yarn Button Tutorial
  5. Tumbling Bunnies
  6. Groovy Cake
  7. Earrings Tutorial
  8. Geometric Sting Craft Stars
  9. Yarn Pumpkin
  10. Yarn Ornament
  11. Fork Pompoms
  12. Pixie Tutu
  13. Yarn Fonts
  14. Rising Sun Necklace
  15. Lace Denim Shorts
  16. Holiday Garlands
  17. Beaded Chain Bracelet
  18. Flower Thimble Necklace
  19. Baby Gator
  20. Knitting Needle Clock
  21. Bücher falten
  22. Book Art Tutorials


Need more links? Check out these ones:


Have fun with the tutorials and patterns! They are useful for dark days.

Balcony and Garden

21. July 2013

Summer has arrived in Germany, finally!

Time to upgrade your balcony and garden!

There are lots of funny ideas and patterns in the internet.

Upcycle your old stuff and yarn scraps:

  1. Caramel Apple Party Garland
  2. Pom Pom Garland
  3. Feather Butterfly Wreath
  4. Knitted Butterfly
  5. Recycled Bottle Cactus Planters
  6. Candy Garland
  7. Allerlei Filzdinge
  8. Yarn Ball On Display
  9. Quick Mini Yarn Parasols
  10. Dino
  11. Ballon Mobile
  12. Granny Square Cookies
  13. Polystyrene Wall Art
  14. Yarn Snowballs
  15. Play Teepee
  16. Flower Vase
  17. 10 Ways to Make a Garland
  18. Holiday DIY Projects
  19. String Art
  20. Branch Weaving
  21. Knitted Spirals
  22. Yarn Men
  23. Summer Dahlia Wreath
  24. Crochet Bunting
  25. Pom Pom Flowers
  26. Self-Watering with Yarn
  27. Mini Crochet Bird

Have fun with the patterns!

Crazy Yarn Love

28. February 2013

I love searching the web for unusual patterns with yarn.

If you are interested, check out these links:

  1. Mini Yarn Ball Buttons
  2. Rag Doll Halloween Costume
  3. Freeform Poncho
  4. Chihuahua Queen Hat
  5. Rainbow Yarn Tree
  6. Waste-Not Garland
  7. Rapunzel Wig
  8. Fishtail Braid
  9. Locks of Yarn
  10. Yarn Love
  11. Chunky Yarn Wreath
  12. Bunny Pencil Holder
  13. “Sock” Yarn
  14. Knitted Chairs
  15. Remnant Necklace

Hearts and Valentines

13. February 2013

There are so many lovely and useful heart patterns for Valentine’s Day in the internet:

  1. Valentine Covertible Hat
  2.  Lovebird Beanie Hat
  3. Hidden Heart Gloves

There are lots of patterns for decorations, jewelry and others, too:

  1. Valentine Heart Garland
  2. Little Sweet Hearts
  3. Knitted Short-row Hearts
  4. Wreath
  5. Mug Cosy
  6. Wine Bottle Cosy
  7. Textured Heart Kitchen Set
  8. Necklace Charm
  9. Knitted Heart Necklace
  10. Hearts Brooch
  11. Heart
  12. Valentines Day Bear
  13. Check out the heartmania: Hearts, Hearts, Hearts

Want a “lovely” blanket? This way:

  1. Sunburst Granny Hearts
  2. Granny Heart Square
  3. Line of Hearts

Do not forget your pet: Dog Sweater

If you prefer clear words, instead of heart symbols: Love is the Word

For little messages or small gifts:

  1. Envelope
  2. Heart Bag Pattern
  3. Scrappy Heart Bag
  4. Heart Gift Box

You like crafting with yarn and paper? Check out this patterns:

  1. Crochet Paper Valentines Edging
  2. Adding a Crochet Edge to Paper


I like especially this pattern:  Waxy Stained Glass Hearts


Are you heartbroken  right now and hate Valentine’s Day? This your pattern:

My bloody Valentine’s Day Card


Anyway … Happy Valentine’s Day!

Little Trees

25. January 2013

Last year I knitted and crocheted little trees for decoration. This was perfect for using up little green scraps.

Recently I have had pain in my hands while crafting and these little project saved me:

Mini Christmas Tree

Hanging Christmas Tree

Pint Sized Christmas Tree

Whitney’s Pine Christmas Tree

The kids in my flat loved especially this tree:

Purled Christmas Tree

I had decorated it in front of my door and they often squeezed it. So the shape of this little tree often changed.

Made a few christmal balls, too:

Christmas Ball #1

Christmas Ball #2

Christmas Ball #3

Those little project can be made during the year between two project. All you need are small scraps and a little bit extra time. When christmas is near, there is often a lot to do and definitely no extra time.

Because of the pain in my hands, there was no christmas gift knitting last year and these little objects were perfect to fight my christmas blues.

There are lots of patterns for christmas ornaments. Check out these ones:

Christmas Tree Ornament

Crochet Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Minions

Tree Ornament

Santa’s Chocolate Orange Tree Decoration

Crochet Christmas Tree

Country Christmas Crochet Garland

Albero per Natale

Amigurumi Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Cards

Granny Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern

Crochet Christmas Trees

Felted Tree

Chain Tree

Christmas Tree Knitting Pattern Tutorial

Crocheted Christmas Tree Cards

Tree Garland

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Little Knit Tree Ornament

And by the way … Easter is coming soon:

Easter Garlan




30. October 2012

The internet is an interesting place. Found some nice things:

Baby Sheep Stitch Marker (so cute!)

Crochet Flowers (for all crochet flower freaks, like me)

Häkeldeckenlampe (awesome!)

Art Yarn Wreath


Useful Links

19. September 2012

Just a few useful links:

  1. 4 Needle Sock Pattern Generator
  2. 5 Needle Sock Pattern Generator
  3. Knitting Pattern Convertor
  4. The “How Many …?” Knitting Tool


Embroidering with Nature

7. September 2012

Unusual embroidery in Spain:

Embroidered Sea Butterflies

Embroidering a Forest

Embroidering Nature

Embroidered Sea Shells


Yarnbombing in Iceland

27. August 2012

This yarnbombed bus looks so great:


About Cleaning

10. August 2012

Knitting or crocheting cleaning items seems to be unusual (in Germany). I’m not talking about kitchen towels, dish- or washcloths.

So far we knitted a few kitchen towels and two duster covers . But there’s a lot more to knit and crochet, check out these patterns:

  1. Foamies
  2. Basic Towel Ring
  3. Plarn Soap Dish
  4. Twisted Loop Double Knit Reusable Duster
  5. Spot Shots
  6. Facial Scrubbing Disc
  7. Fish Soap Holder
  8. Broom Handle Duster
  9. Simple Bath Loofa
  10. Loop Stitch Duster
  11. Loofah Scrubbing Strap
  12. Star Towel Holder
  13. Lil Lamb Steelwool Holder
  14. Moss Stitch Back Washer
  15. Menstrual Pads
  16. Toilet Mate
  17. Froggy Bath Puppets
  18. Soap Sleeve
  19. Sea Anemone Bath Puff
  20. Scrubbing Bubble
  21. Flower Facial Scrubbies
  22. Soap Turtle
  23. Dishpan Hands
  24. Bubbly Scrubbie


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